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Praise for Johnny

… “If a comparison is necessary, imagine David Gray singing a Bob Dylan tune.”
Stony Brook Statesman

“Johnny’s exact expressive voice, strong lyrics and an amazing rootsy/folky sound, are in the best tradition of, let’s say, the early Steve Forbet.”
Ray Pieters, Radio MILO, Belgium

“[Cuomo] has a unique style as he fuses modern folk with an innovative Irish twist to create a sound all his own.”
Liffey Champion, Ireland

“Cuomo has the rare ability to take the simplest terms and create beautifully complex metaphors.”
Rambles.NET review by C. Nathan Coyle

“Johnny Cuomo is a talented guy. He could probably make a living emulating Bob Dylan, and on the occasional track, he does, but mimicking an artist, even a great, is just not in his makeup. True, on occasion, his voice is quite Dylan-like, but it is the exception rather than the rule. Slightly rough around the edges, it can deliver the soft ballad and the light acoustic rocker with equal ease”.
Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange by Frank Gutch Jr.